Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ogan Yahoo Group and US Census Uploaded


As this blog does not easily allow me to categorize various records, I have established a Yahoo account where data will be uploaded into folders. The Yahoo account doesn't have an RSS feed so Facebook cannot link to it. This may seem cumbersome for many of you (It is for me!), but as I have a lot of data, it is paramount to be able to easily locate what is desired easily. In a perfect world, all would work as one.

You will need to join the Yahoo group to view the material. Go to and sign up. Everyone with an interest in the Ogan (any spelling) surname is welcomed.

If you have data to send me or if you have some time to glean additional data from online sources or your local Family History Society or court house, please email me at:

With your help, this repository will be a wonderful tool for all Ogan researchers.

Today, I uploaded some census indexes for the US from that I had in my files. They are not complete, but over time, I hope they will be. While in London recently, I gleaned information from the birth, marriage and death files that will be posted as soon as I can get to it.

To view what I'm archiving, you must join the group and check the FILES section.

If you have questions, just email.

Thank you,

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